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About the organization

Since 2012, ISLA has grown to serve over 700 Hispanic/Latino/x students from ages 3-17, served families from over 14 different Latin American countries, and provided over 800 hours of Spanish language and cultural immersion classes. Throughout the years, ISLA has launched 7 programs dedicated to impacting our community through education, advocacy, equity and bilingualism. Donate here: By supporting ISLA, you’ll become a part of +ISLA, a passionate community invested in creating an equitable society strengthened by the power, knowledge, and value of Latin American languages and cultures.10 Años Más con ISLA Fundraising Campaign: Join us as we raise $100,000 to continue promoting bilingualism, cultural immersion and equity for Latino/x families and students in NC. By supporting ISLA, you’re helping promote:

  • Education: With your support, ISLA will be able to continue cultivating culturally affirming education spaces for children through all of our programs and will continue advocating for the prioritization of high quality education for all students.

  • Sustainability: ISLA will be able to set an example of sustaining free equitable programming through community support and commitment to dismantling historical barriers in our education system.

  • Community: We will also continue to center our value of collective power. When we come together as a community we elevate the strength that we have together vs apart. We will continue promoting the importance of community cultural wealth and power in numbers.

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