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Purpose Learning
100% of the proceeds will support The Empress Haven Youth, Children, and Families


About the organization

Both Fogtaga Print Studio & The Empress Haven, PLLC joined together to create mental health awareness through apparel. 100% of all proceeds help us provide free/low-cost mental health services to youth, children, and families that reside in rural and underserved areas where care can be scarce. The Empress Haven, PLLC focuses on the prevention, screening, assessment, education, and treatment of mental disorders and behavioral conditions. We currently have a Co-located Mental Health office at Purpose Learning Lab, Inc that provides Mental Health & Wellness services to youth, children, and families for free. To ensure that our services are equitable and accessible to the community, we completed the requirements to serve as a Licensed Agency. In addition to our Mental Health & Wellness Services, we provide a 60-Min Entrepreneur Course to help women unlock their full potential, break free from self-limiting beliefs, and create a business that aligns with the abundance you desire.


“When I founded The Empress Haven in 2020, my goal was to be there to help woman, children, and families not only access high quality and affordable mental health services, but navigate life’s twists and turns to fight stress and find serenity,” says MyiShanka (Mya) McMillian, LCMHCS, owner and executive director of The Empress Haven,  “At The Empress Haven, we are committed to helping the people and communities we serve be the healthiest they can be. To fulfill our vision to dismantle barriers that youth, children, and families face in rural and underserved communities; we partnered with several small businesses to improve behavioral health and quality of life in communities where care can be the most scarce. We hope to see you at our grand opening.”


Why the Collaborative Approach? As Nonprofits, we want to work together to “Unleash the Power of Collaboration by “Bridging the Gap” for Minority Students during non-school hours who reside in Rural & Underserved Communities to reduce criminality, high school dropouts, improve SEL, create a safe space, open doors for STEAM Education, Tutoring, Charter Education, Mentorship, Mental Health, Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, Financial literacy, service-learning opportunities, and Parent education & involvement. 




MyiShanka (Mya) McMillian, MA, LCMHC, CCTP, NCCCEO/Founder of Purpose Learning Lab, Inc 

Early Childhood Professional/ Mental Health Therapist/ Facilitator

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PLL LOGO 2022(1).png
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